It's 2098, and conservative America stands victorious. The Second American Revolution and the New Bill of Rights have swept away all traces of liberalism in the United States of America.
Bearing arms is compulsory, illegal immigrants are hunted down without mercy, and the reborn nation stands astride the world like a Colossus. Only a few embittered old holdouts, like civil rights attorney and former left-wing activist William Fitzgerald, still remember it as the land of the free.
When he reluctantly agrees to defend a close friend's son, the so-called Peace Vigilante, Fitz finds himself at the center of the trial of the century, where the most dangerous man in America is the one who won't carry a gun.
Combining an impassioned defense of progressive ideals and liberal Christianity with a gripping near-future legal thriller, Robert John Burke presents a vision of a very different world, but one entirely too close to our own for comfort...
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