Five years before the events of Shadows Walking, Penny Foster is just the girl next door, assuming that girl is a genius with a collection of trained attack bats and a plan to create portable wormholes. But Penny's eccentric life takes a darker turn when personal tragedy draws her into the Guild of Poor Fellow-Soldiers, an organization of immortals and sorcerers sworn to protect the Earth.
From what, you ask? Well, for starters, a little distance away from her Philadelphia home, a man seems to have been killed by the Jersey Devil. An army of underground gnomes may be massing to attack the surface world. A former Knight Templar has gone rogue, and the only man who can stop him may be... Benjamin Franklin?
Just another day at the office in the world of A Book of Hours, but that world has never seen anything like Penny Foster, and it's even money whether she or the world itself will emerge intact from her introduction...
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